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This is my first ever horror game! You are an Investigator, you have had a call to investigate an apartment that is acting strangely. 

Updated 10 days ago
Published 26 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsCreepy, First-Person, Horror, scary

Install instructions

Thank you for installing Apartment!

Installation is very easy,

1. Unzip the Zip Folder

2. Play Apartment_v0.1.2.exe


Apartment v0.1.2.zip 379 MB

Development log


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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 3d there):


1. The environment was really cool. I liked how the rooms were changing and how you had to use other objects to get out.

2. The game scared me several times. The game IS scary. I think that is pretty good for a first ever horror project).

3. The graphics are cool. I like that you can see your own body. Not many games do that and it is awesome for a first horror game)


1. When I played it, the experience was not finished yet. Maybe it is now after the update. But for me it ended very abruptly.

2. There is no point in the crouch button if it is still not enough to get into vents. I think it is excessive to have a crouch button and a button to go even lower.

3. Maybe it would be cool to find another reason why you can not leave the way you entered. It's kinda strange when the main character wants to get out but refuses to get out from that door.


I enjoyed that but I wish to see something more original. I think the game would benefit a lot from some interesting mechanic or lore.

Hope my feedback was useful!

The Apartment

Created by Jaboblu

Cant wait to more to come out, I had fun with this game!

For a first attempt, you've made a good effort. Largely the weakest parts of the experience were the scares, showing off your entire monsters model in a well-lit environment is a surefire way to kill off tension. Visually however the game looks really well made and even though I could spy some assets being reused it was in a tasteful way. Further breakdown in the video. Good luck with the final product.

I was not expecting this game to be as scary as it was, boy was I wrong.This game was awesome and I would definitely play it if it was fully released.I got jumpscared more times than I'm willing to admit.I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in watching.

My first impression was that I've seen this environment before, in a different game. Unsure if it is something that is part of the engine or not. However, it's a unique take with the monster being pretty scary.

Then something terrible happened. In this apartment, you're done

Doesn't really make sense, but okay.

I played this game for my video! I like the atmosphere, and the game looks very nice! I got pretty creeped out when all the lights turned off! I'd love to see a full version with some more game mechanics! And I definitely wanna see more of the lore, like who is that entity?!

It was sooo good. I a full version is in the future!! Your game is in the sceond half of my 2 for 1. 

Thank you!

Version 0.1.2 is now Live!

Loved this game mate. can't wait for the full version! Did a video on it myself and It's safe to say i Sh*t myself 

I played this game...sure is creepy, would love to see more

Enjoy my video on it if you like 

Thank you for the Positive Feedback!

No problem i hope to see more soon

only think i would say as a con is it really hard to enter the ducts.

amazing Game hopeing to see more keep it up love to have more like this for my channel

Thank you for the Positive Feedback!

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absolutley horrible, despised the box maneuver, spent 20 mins on one section of the game, the monster was incredibly boring and predicatble, and it had no animation. 0/10 would never play ever fucking again.  

PS. never make another game, you insufferable monkey.


Fair enough, I'll still make games.


dont stop making games 


Cheers dude!

Also the jumpscares are meant to have no animation, actually. :)

can't download it ;-

Hello miaw, I am sorry you are having trouble downloading the game. Could you please tell me a bit more?

i love toes



Yep, I checked it out. Thanks for playing!

np! appreciate the support aswell

I really liked this, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next! You've got the atmosphere creep down nicely! For some reason I had trouble getting into the vents every time (but that is probably due to me being an idiot as opposed to anything else...)

(This is the first game on the video)

Thank you! I will improve the vents soon.

this game was really fun! It actually made me scream a lil lol!

Thanks mate! Check your video comments.

Hey sweet game! Really intruiging and I can't wait for what it has to offer. I made a video if you'd like to check it out. 

Cheers dude!

Besides the constant stutters I had, your game was fun. I liked the constant spooks, simplicity, fluid controls, and the slight platforming. Good luck on your next game!


Thank you!


Still need to fix some things, but yeah

The game is really good! Despite not being done yet but so far so good. Scared me a couple of times. Some bugs need to be fix but has potential!

Yeah, I am fixing the bugs. But thanks! I am currently working on a new update with quite a bit more to it!

Nice looking forward to it!

Really nice atmospheric/horror game.Huge potential

Thank you!

Beat this on our second attempt, thanks for creating the apartment game

I seen this build before, but i had to give it a go nonetheless, hope to see more development though rated 5/5.

Yes, I used some assets but most things are my idea. Thanks for playing though!

I dig the game man. I just made a video go check it out. I Jumped a few times then I got lost. Excellent job on your first horror game. 

There are mant bugs i know, I'll make another level later.